MaxiCharts – Gravity Forms Charts Reports

We’ve just launched our new gravity forms add on for wordpress : Gravity Forms Charts Reports !
It imports and uses the fabulous Chartjs library for displaying graphs and allows Gravity Forms users to display entries statistics on the front end with a simple shortcode.
Please play with the demo here:

and download from WordPress plugin store or directly from here:

FSQM Pro Vs Gravity Forms

After working 1 year with FSQM Pro, i’ve just switched to the famous Gravity Forms plugin. For those interested in knowing pros/cons of those two plugins, please read the following.

First i have to say that both plugin are powerfull ones, and allow more or less the same things, considering the core of each. I’ll focus on the differences then.

  1. FSQM Pro

    Main Pros & Cons

    • Very nice statistic report are automatically generated for each form, based on all user submissions. You can directly download a PDF file.
    • Nice looking CSS templates and smooth animations (for conditional fields selections)
    • Price around 30$, instead of 40$, 100$ and 200$ for gravity forms.
    • Documentation and support between average and poor – i actually switched to Gravity Forms for this reason
    • Drag & Drop interface is cool
  2. Gravity Forms

    Main Pros & Cons

    • Multiple Gravity forms plugin extending functionalities
    • Documentation & support are good
    • Hooks much better in gravity forms : there’s a php hook for almost every step of process


To me, it seems obvious that Gravity Forms is better, from several points of view. But, if you only need a plugin for displaying forms (that can be very complex), you can go with FSQM Pro without any problem. If you need to code php that communicate with those plugin, definitely Gravity Form is much better for that, with all the hooks prepared and extended documentation.
If this can save you a few hours of tests, as i did, i would be happy ! 🙂

Best free wordpress multisite plugins for editorial content

After one year of hard work with WordPress Multisite and a 14 educational blogs daily updated, i can narrow (after lots of tests and mistakes) which plugins are really useful and robust enough for that kind of network blogs. I also created a plugin myself (Chief Editor) because i wasn’t able to find any doing this simple thing : see all my posts statuses across the network and all comments. I also would like to see my author performances, so i included a tab about that, inspired by the Blog Metrics plugin.
All plugins described here are the one activated on my own site, and i have no link with any plugin seller (mine is free).
Most of them are free, i’ll notice if not. Even if some of them can be quite old, they all work nicely on a WordPress Multisite 3.9 install.
Here we go:

58 really useful wordpress plugins for multisite editorial sites

  1. Ada WPMS Sitewide Feed

    This plugin just gather all my blogs feeds into one big feed, so i can deliver this feed to MailChimp and automatically send new newsletters when new posts are published.

  2. Admin Bar Disabler

    I don’t want my users to access the admin panel, even with no rights. It’s not their business for the moment. That’s waht this plugin does.

  3. Advanced Code Editor

    Enables syntax highlighting in the integrated themes and plugins source code editors with line numbers, AutoComplete and much more. Supports PHP, HTML, CSS and JS.

  4. Akismet

    Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. It keeps your site protected from spam even while you sleep. To get started: 1) Click the “Activate” link to the left of this description, 2) Sign up for an Akismet API key, and 3) Go to your Akismet configuration page, and save your API key.

  5. Better Plugin Compatibility Control

    Adds version compatibility info to the plugins page to inform the admin at a glance if a plugin is compatible with the current WP version.

  6. Better WordPress Recent Comments

    This plugin displays recent comment lists at assigned locations. It does not add any significant load to your website. The comment list is updated on the fly when a visitor adds a comment or when you moderate one. No additional queries are needed for end-users. Some Icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane.

  7. Blog Metrics

    Provides blog metrics based on the blog metrics Avinash Kaushik proposed in this post, now with a widget!

  8. BruteProtect

    BruteProtect allows the millions of WordPress bloggers to work together to defeat Brute Force attacks. It keeps your site protected from brute force security attacks even while you sleep. To get started: 1) Click the “Activate” link to the left of this description, 2) Sign up for a BruteProtect API key, and 3) Go to your BruteProtect configuration page, and save your API key.

  9. Chief Editor

    Manage all drafts, pending and scheduled posts and comments accross the network

  10. Cimy User Manager

    Import and export users from/to CSV files, supports all WordPress profile data also Cimy User Extra Fields plug-in

  11. Comment Images

    Allow your readers easily to attach an image to their comments on posts and pages.

  12. Contact Form 7

    Juste une autre extension de formulaire de contact. Simple mais souple d’utilisation.

  13. DeMomentSomTres Export

    DeMomentSomTres Export was build because DeMomentSomTres had a customer with a very big blog that had to be imported without only the required attachment files.

  14. Featured Image In Rss Feed

    Add Feature Image to your RSS Feed.

  15. Google Analytics Multisite Async

    Google Analytics Multisite Async lets the network admin collect statistics from all sites and it lets the regular site admins collect statistics from their own site. This means that statistics are collected to 2 different Analytics accounts at once, assuming that the site admin have entered an ID of course. It’s the asynchronous version of Analytics. The network admin can choose whether the site admins should be able to collect statistics or not.

  16. Google News Sitemap

    Automatically generate sitemap for inclusion in Google News. Go to Settings -> Google News Sitemap for setup.

  17. Improved User Search in Backend

    Improves the search for users in the backend significantly: Search for first name, last, email and more of users instead of only nicename.

  18. Imsanity

    Imsanity stops insanely huge image uploads

  19. Login Logo

    Drop a PNG file named login-logo.png into your wp-content directory. This simple plugin takes care of the rest, with zero configuration. Transparent backgrounds work best. Crop it tight, with a width of 312 pixels, for best results.

  20. NOT FREE : Logooos WordPress plugin

    Logooos WordPress plugin.

  21. NOT FREE : MailChimp Sync

    Simply integrate MailChimp with your Multisite (or regular old single user WP) site – automatically add new users to your email lists and import all your existing users.

  22. More Privacy Options

    Add more privacy(visibility) options to a WordPress Multisite Network. Settings->Reading->Visibility:Network Users, Blog Members, or Admins Only. Network Settings->Network Visibility Selector: All Blogs Visible to Network Users Only or Visibility managed per blog as default.

  23. Multilingual Press Free

    Run WordPress Multisite with multiple languages.

  24. Multisite Enhancements

    Enhance Multisite for Network Admins with different topics

  25. Multisite Language Switcher

    A simple but powerful plugin that will help you to manage the relations of your contents in a multilingual multisite-installation.

  26. Multisite Plugin Manager

    The essential plugin for every multisite install! Manage plugin access permissions across your entire multisite network.

  27. Multisite User Management

    Running a WordPress network? You no longer need to manually add users to each of your sites.

  28. Network Shared Media

    This plugin adds a new tab to the “Add Media” window, allowing you to access media in other sites. Based on an idea of Aaron Eaton

  29. NS Cloner – Site Copier

    Save loads of time with the Never Settle Cloner! NS Cloner creates a new site as an exact clone / duplicate / copy of an existing site with theme and all plugins and settings intact in just a few steps. Check out NS Cloner Pro for additional features like cloning onto existing sites and advanced Search and Replace functionality.

  30. NOT FREE : NS Cloner Pro

    Save loads of time with the Never Settle Cloner! NS Cloner creates a new site as an exact clone / duplicate / copy of an existing site with theme and all plugins and settings intact in just a few steps. Check out NS Cloner Pro for additional features like cloning onto existing sites and advanced Search and Replace functionality.

  31. Olevmedia Shortcodes

    Olevmedia Shortcodes plugin adds a button to editor, which provides you plenty of handy shortcodes (buttons, icons, lists, infoboxes and more)

  32. Private Comment Notification Email

    Hides private details from comment notification emails, such as IP address and email.

  33. Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

    Redirect Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types to another location quickly (for internal or external URLs). Includes individual post/page options, redirects for Custom Post types, non-existant 301 Quick Redirects (helpful for sites converted to WordPress), New Window functionality, and rel=nofollow functionality.

  34. Really Simple CAPTCHA

    Really Simple CAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA module intended to be called from other plugins. It is originally created for my Contact Form 7 plugin.

  35. Regenerate Thumbnails

    Allows you to regenerate all thumbnails after changing the thumbnail sizes.

  36. Remove Dashboard Access

  37. Reveal IDs

    Reveals hidden IDs in Admin interface that have been removed with WordPress 2.5 (formerly known as Entry IDs in Manage Posts/Pages View for WP 2.5). See options page for information.

  38. RSS in Page

  39. Signup Page CSS

    This plugin adds the styles/codes needed to have signup page display correctly or at least better on any theme that the main blog has selected.

  40. Simple Ads Manager

    “Simple Ads Manager” is easy to use plugin providing a flexible logic of displaying advertisements. Visit SimpleLib blog for more details.

  41. Smart Archives Reloaded

    An elegant and easy way to present your posts, grouped by year and month.

  42. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

    Subscribe to Comments Reloaded is a robust plugin that enables commenters to sign up for e-mail notifications. It includes a full-featured subscription manager that your commenters can use to unsubscribe to certain posts or suspend all notifications.

  43. TablePress

    TablePress vous permet de créer et gérer des tableaux dans vos articles et pages, sans avoir à écrire du code HTML, et il ajoute des fonctions utiles pour vos visiteurs.

  44. TablePress Extension: Row Filtering

    Extension for TablePress to filter table rows by using additional Shortcode parameters

  45. TablePress Extension: Shortcode Filter from GET parameter

    Custom Extension for TablePress to use the Row Filter extension with a filter term from a $_GET parameter

  46. Tako Movable Comments

    This plugin allows you to move comments from one post or page to another. You can also move comments across post types and custom post types. Just click on edit comments and move your comments through the Move Comments with Tako metabox.

  47. Testimonials by Aihrus

    Testimonials by Aihrus lets you randomly slide or list selected portfolios, quotes, reviews, or text with images or videos on your WordPress site.

  48. ThreeWP Activity Monitor

    Plugin to track user activity. Network aware.

    WordPress Plugins

    Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress.

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    aleno is an easy-to-use restaurant reservation plugin that saves time and increases profit.
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    This is a testimonial plugin developed by SJI team. SJI Testimonial has been built purely on HTML5, CCS3 and javascript.
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    Woocommerce simple order notification allows you to receive a SMS when a new order is placed on your site.
    Author: getjuicy
    Posted: October 20, 2017, 10:51 am
    Add a field to create a Bootstrap Button for the popular Advanced Custom Fields plugin, with internal or external link.
    Author: MatteDesign
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    This plugin adds the [img] shortcode which replaces the `` html tag.
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    Show questionnaire for calculating final sum of order.
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    Donate link: Tags: форма обратного звонка, кнопка заказа обраного звонка, заказ обратного звонка Requires at least: 4.5.
    Author: Alex Kuimov
    Posted: October 20, 2017, 6:53 am
  49. NOT FREE : Thumbnail Scroller (WordPress Plugin)

    This Plugin will help you to easily add a thumbnail scroller to your WordPress website or blog. The scroller is completely customizable, resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones). You will be able to insert it in any page or post you want with an inbuilt short code generator.If you like this plugin, feel free to rate it five stars at CodeCanyon in your downloads section. If you encounter any problems please do not give a low rating but contact us first so we can help you.

  50. Top Authors

    A highly customizable widget that sums the top authors(most contributing) on your blog

  51. Ultimate TinyMCE

    Beef up your visual tinymce editor with a plethora of advanced options.

  52. User Role Editor

    Change/add/delete WordPress user roles and capabilities.

  53. W3 Total Cache

    The highest rated and most complete WordPress performance plugin. Dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your site. Add browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN) to WordPress.

  54. WooCommerce

    Un outil de e-commerce qui vous aide à tout vendre. Magnifiquement.

  55. WP-Mail-SMTP

    Reconfigures the wp_mail() function to use SMTP instead of mail() and creates an options page to manage the settings.

  56. WP-PostRatings

    Adds an AJAX rating system for your WordPress blog’s post/page.

  57. WPMS Site Maintenance Mode

    Provides an interface to make a WPMS network unavailable to everyone during maintenance, except the admin.

  58. WP to Twitter

    Posts a Tweet when you update your WordPress blog or post to your blogroll, using your URL shortening service. Rich in features for customizing and promoting your Tweets.

WordPress Multisite Chief Editor plugin

This page is dedicated to the WordPress Plugin Chief Editor. You can download it on wordpress plugin site.

It allows the chief editor of a WordPress multisite platform to manage all drafts, pending and scheduled posts across the network.

As it uses standard post statuses, it is compatible directly without creating custom intermediate statuses for posts.

You can also manage all comments across the network from its interface, as well as complete authors statistics in order to easily compare their performances.

Any comments are welcome!

Reviews Forums » All Topics

Replies: 0

It was very easy to install and it really looks nice. I use it in a sidebar position with only my most recent IG post showing. Clean, simple, instantly updates when I post on IG. What more do you need?

Author: crowsnestveniceflorida
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:41 pm

Replies: 1

Excellent plugin for wordpress sites.

Author: saxonhenry2014
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:40 pm

Replies: 0


Author: schma
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:39 pm

Replies: 0

Would anybody help me? I need to understand which Form to use.

Author: jimhaggins1
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:39 pm

Replies: 0

I just tried to install the Brilliant to Web Salesforce plugin and when I try to activate the plugin I get an error that says “Plugin does not have a header.”

Searching the forum I see one post on the error but it doesn’t appear to be active.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Author: jalodico
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:38 pm

Replies: 0

On single event page I have the widgets colums a the right with search, archives and mega widgets. How to delete the widgets and make the page full width?

Author: Silvio
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:38 pm

Replies: 0

Hi Oz,

Great plugin! Are you going to support custom transformer rules like in the Instant Articles for WP plugin?

Specifically we need custom transformers for interactive design features that can only be accomplished with custom transformers.

It would be great to have native support 🙂 but custom transformers would be great too.

Author: nvkc
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:37 pm

Replies: 1

Hi, first I just want to tell you how beautiful your plugin is. I’ve used it a few times now, and love all the features. So thanks!

I just installed the most recent version of The Events Calendar on a site. There are a couple of small problems:

1) In the event listing, the heading (like “Date”) isn’t flush with the info (like “November 6, 2017”). The info is slightly lower.

2) An extra colon is appearing after the heading (“Date: :November 6, 2017”)

Author: Stendhal1
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:37 pm

Replies: 0

Guys I have looked through the user guide and like your plugin really. Will you please let me know what is the difference between your Contact Form Maker and Form Builder.

As I look they are almost the same.

Author: jimhaggins1
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:37 pm

Replies: 0

Vielleicht übersehe ich nur wieder etwas, aber da werden in der Klasse WC_GZD_Gateway_Direct_Debit 2 Action-Hooks für woocommerce_subscription_payment_complete und woocommerce_order_status_completed gesetzt, die die klasseneigene Methode set_mandate_seqType_to_RCUR_for_user() aufrufen sollen. Die gibt’s aber nicht in Version 2.1.0.

Das ist von meiner Seite aus nicht dringend. Ich sehe es nur in den Logs.

Author: dspaete
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:32 pm

Replies: 0

Muito bom

Author: designanderson
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:30 pm

Replies: 0

Mesmo configurando o Leve Internacional, ao colocar um CEP de outro país simplesmente não calcula 🙁
Setei o estado e cidade de onde os produtos saem e continua assim.

O que pode ser?

Author: camimartins
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:30 pm

Replies: 0

Updated WordPress and CF7 and now am getting this error on the page that contains the recaptcha. I’ve reset the site keys a few times, tried Invisible, and v2 (current version)

ERROR for site owner:
Invalid domain for site key

Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:30 pm

Replies: 0

I am using your plugin (with Timber) without any issues so far, but I ran into something where JS is not loaded.

I have created a page, named profile.
On that page there’s an ACF repeater with one of the fields being a WYSIWYG field.

In it I load the shortcode: [theme-my-login default_action=”profile” show_title=”0″ reg_link=”0″]

but the JS is not loaded as can be seen in this image.

How can I fix this ?

  • This topic was modified 12 minutes ago by Beee.
Author: Beee
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:29 pm

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After installing latest update 2.8.6 the event urls gives a 404 page – the same does ticket urls. Installed woocommerce version is 3.2.1. I hope that someone here have a solution.

Author: jespersk
Posted: October 20, 2017, 1:29 pm